Our singles meet together as a LifeGroup. Each LifeGroup is made up of people who are at least 28 years old. Some LifeGroups are at capacity, but the Thursday evening LifeGroup is always available for new people to come. Each LifeGroup participates in a sermon-based study (studies based on the previous Sunday's sermon). If you have any questions or would like to hear about the different LifeGroups open to single adults, please contact Sharon at

Thursday evening Singles LifeGroup
Rm. A-1 from 6:30-8pm | Sorry, childcare not provided.
We will not meet Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year

Tuesday evening Single Parents LifeGroup - "Flying Solo"
Tuesdays in Rm. E-202 from 6:30-8pm | Childcare available with prior registration

Find new hope and strength in single parenting! What makes strong single parent families? You do! As the head of your household, your family draws its strength from your strength. Come together with the other single parents who are actively “in the trenches” of parenting! Don’t know any other single parents? Now you do! We’d love for you to join our group! Join us Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30ish in Rm. E-202. Childcare available. Contact: Judi |