Women's Bible Studies - Winter 2018

Whether you've studied the Bible for years, or are just getting started, you'll find a group to help you grow in your relationship with God!

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Tuesdays, January 9 - March 20 | 9 - 11:30am | Education Building

Contact: Sandi Higgins | 916-682-4119

Precept: Lamentations, Ruth and Genesis Part 1 
Join us for an in-depth study of God’s Word!
This session we will be studying the Old Testament books of Lamentations, Ruth and Genesis Part 1. 
Lamentations, a short book in the Old Testament, gives people hope when there is nothing but misery all around them
and a glimpse of the God whose compassions never fail.  
In Ruth, a buyer-defender known as a "kinsman - redeemer" was usually a close relative. If you're a believer, it is Jesus Christ!
This rich study shows how Jesus both bought us (redeemer) and advocates (defends) for us, offering us an opportunity to rebuild our broken lives.
In Genesis Part 1, we will explore the Biblical account of creation found in chapters 1 and 2, how the world was created
and how man came into being.
Teacher: Monica Schuh | Cost: $30   

Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions by Lysa TerKeurst
This class will meet opposite weeks of Heart2Heart.

Lysa Terkeurst teaches how to process emotions and resolve conflicts in ways that lead to a much more peaceful life. 
What do we often do with our raw emotions? We stuff, we explode, or react somewhere in between.
Is it really possible to make emotions work for us instead of against us? Lysa’s answer is yes, and in her usual inspiring
and practical way, she will show us how.
Teacher: Anja Westerhaus | Cost: $23 

David: Seeking a Heart Like His by Beth Moore
God will never give up on you!  Explore how David's life proves this promise to be true as we examine “the man after God's own heart.”
David will delight and disappoint you. You'll want to be just like him at times and nothing like him at others.
If you've ever experienced doubts, temptations, losses, family problems, or personal inconsistencies, this study is for you!
Teachers: Sharon Losey and Sherri McLeod | Cost: $21 

Knowing God by Name by Mary Kassian
This study focuses on 35 Hebrew names of God that describe His character, His relationships, and His purpose.
We will learn the significance of each ancient word and you'll be awestruck by the Lord's magnificence and your heart
compelled to worship and praise Him. 
Saturated in Scripture and words from ancient hymns, Knowing God by Name is a rich, meaningful study for any woman
desiring to know God better.
Teacher: Gail Randolph | Cost: $18 



Tuesdays, January 9 - March 20 | 6:30 - 9pm | Chapel 

Contact: Keisha Holliman | 916-996-5124

Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer (updated edition)
A decade ago, Priscilla Shirer authored Discerning the Voice of God, and since then God has continued to grow, teach, and challenge her in her walk with Him. This revised and expanded edition reflects that growth through new stories, illustrations, and exercises.  
Through 7 sessions, discover the root to clear and daily communication with God—humble obedience. Learn how surrender unlocks His many blessings intended for us, centers us in His will, and helps us discern His voice in everyday life.
Teacher: Keisha Holliman | Cost: $20 



Sundays at 8, 9:30 & 11:15am


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